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Praise for the Harlem Book Fair


"Since the Harlem Book Fair, I've been crisscrossing the country but didn't want any more time to pass before I expressed my deepest gratitude for all you did to promote SPECTACLE. You brought the work to a national audience and also saw to it that the conversation took place at the Schomburg, which had long been my wish.  I hope the fair was everything you wanted it to be. From where I stood, it was amazing. A triumph. Many, many thanks".

Pamela Newkirk, Author

Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of OTA BENGA

"The HBF weekend was really great and I was truly thrilled to be a part of it, not to mention honored to win the Wheatley Award. I discovered other books that I plan to buy and read and I made many contacts there that promise to be extremely useful as we launch another social media campaign, promoting A Light Shines as a Wheatley Award winner.


You and your staff did a superb job pulling off such a massive undertaking, and all of your hard work showed". 


Mary Bounds, Author

A Light Shines in Harlem: New York's First Charter School 

and the Movement It Led

"Congratulations on another successful HBF. As a bookseller, we found it quite a valuable channel".


Alfred C. Jones, Exhibitor

QBR author panel televised live from the Harlem Book Fair by C-Span's BookTV.