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2018 Wheatley Awards Submission Form




There are seven categories: First Fiction, Fiction, First Nonfiction, Nonfiction, Children (Young Readers and Young Adult), and Poetry.


Criteria: Readers should judge entries on the basis of literary or artistic excellence and timelessness as regards theme, story, setting, voice, accuracy, style, characterization, illustration and/or design, appearance and market readiness.


The committee should not consider, or be influenced by, the entire work of any nominee, or whether the person has won an award in the past or is eligible in another category: only the work nominated for the 2017 Wheatley Book Award should be judged.


General: There will be a judging panel for each genre.  One judge should come from each of the following categories for each panel: scholar; publisher or bookseller; journalist; librarian or educator; writer/illustrator/designer. No one with a nominated title/book should serve as a judge in that category. 


Authors, publishers, and QBR and Harlem Book Fair planning committee members may nominate an unlimited number of titles. However, each nomination must be made in writing and submitted on an official nomination form. The Call for Entries, with entry form, is posted on our Web site:

Click form below to download

The process:

  • Nomination forms come to QBR/The Black Book Review

  • Books are submitted to QBR by publisher or author, postmarked no later than 8 June 2018.

  • A QBR/HBF committee will ‘short list’ the submissions in each category.

  • Each reader will receive four to five books (the short list) in their chosen category selected by a QBR committee from the publisher and author-submitted books.

  • Each reader will return a list to us in preference order (Winner, First Runner Up; Second Runner Up).


Panels may reassign a title to a category deemed more appropriate than that for which it was originally submitted.  Awards will not be made if there are insufficient entries in a given category: this refers to both quantity and quality.  Typically, there have been three finalists announced for each category; however, anywhere between two and five have been named.


There will be no announcements of nominated titles until the finalists are announced in June; judges’ names will not be made public until the awards ceremony. 



  • Submissions must be postmarked by 8 June 2018.

  • All books will be postmarked for delivery to judges by 15 June 2018.

  • Finalists (short list) will be announced 7 July 2018.

  • Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

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