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Apostle Frank Willett



Dr. Apostle Frank A. Willett received his calling to the Ministry in 1982 as a Deacon. However, it would be several years before Apostle Willett would preach his trial sermon at Christ Spiritual Baptist Temple.    Upon serving his founding Bishop, the late Bishop William E. Tate for more than a decade, Apostle Willett left and began his own work in the ministry.  Trained as an assistant pastor, Sunday school superintendent, and church administrator, Apostle Willett felt called to teaching and establishing new fellowships.  He went to Washington, DC where he became an assistant pastor at a Baptist church for seven years. After completing a one-year program that dealt with hurts, hang-ups, and issues, he began a prison ministry and taught in two different prisons twice a week for a couple of years before his health began to fail.  Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Apostle Willett had to undergo radiation treatment until his healing occurred.  He has been cancer-free for three years.  Apostle Willett has established churches in Uganda, Liberia, Kenya, and Ghana.  He currently serves as the International President of the Grace International Bible University. 


The Hourglass … Is This the Last Hour?

If you love studying the Bible, you will love The Hourglass … Is This the Last Hour? This book includes many different stories from the Bible and serves as a study guide to help you learn, answer questions, and determine if you have understood the work you have studied.

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