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Booker McCain was born in Detroit, Michigan, on August 21, 1987, and grew up in the surrounding suburban city of Lathrup Village. As a student at Eastern Michigan University, he carried a passion for reading and writing, which led to a degree in Language, Literature, and Writing in 2010. He eventually went on to earn a teaching certification in 2013 and since then has been teaching English Language Arts to high school and middle school students in the Metro Detroit area. 


         He is a firm believer in the power of the written word. He works tirelessly to instill that belief in his students by engaging them in literature that is inspirational and relatable. Together with his students, he has self-published two volumes of poetry: The Voices of ABT: Volume one and two, which contain poetry from gifted high school students expressing their truths and daily realities through free verse.  His current book, Children of The Sun: Stories of Black Youth, is his first published work consisting solely of his writing.  It was born out of a struggle to find relatable short stories for his classroom.  One story, however, eventually turned into six.  He believes that this collection of short stories can serve as an inspirational force, not only for young adults but for all who read.

 Children of the Sun: Stories of Black Youth is a collection of short stories exploring some of the everyday struggles and triumphs of Black youth in America. These six fictional stories are connected by the belief that this unique and gifted group can overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way. They are beautiful, strong, and shine the light of the sun.  Each story touches on the sometimes-harsh realities of growing up Black in America. More importantly, each story is filled with the hope of inspiring young adults and anyone who reads to overcome life's many internal and external challenges.​ Available on, and Barnes &


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