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"My goal in life is to glorify God by using my gifts for seeing possibilities and empowering others to achieve, advance, and fund their vision for their lives, churches, and organizations." Carla Maxwell Ray

As a Senior Generosity Strategist with Generis, I have two decades of experience generating funds for worthy causes. My experience includes large, medium, and small churches and nonprofits across the country. I held positions in advancement at Spelman College, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and University of Maryland College Park. The common denominator in all of these experiences is my ability to successfully help raise the funds needed to advance the mission of each church and nonprofit organization. Recently, I authored Five Pillars of a First Class Life, a spiritual guide to fulfilling and funding your mission in life. This is a journey toward sustainable fiscal stability, increased generosity, and spiritual growth.

Five Pillars of a First Class Life serves as a guide to help individuals and families live purposeful, peaceful and financially secure lives. It offers practical tools and anecdotes that offer insight on how to accelerate healthy finances while finding and fulfilling what we are designed to do. This book is a journey toward sustainable fiscal stability, increased generosity, purpose-driven living, and spiritual growth.

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