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Chenelle B. Price is the Assistant Pastor of True Divine Kingdom Ministries International in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pastor Chenelle is a woman of God known for her gifts not only in Cincinnati but in various cities across the nation. The founder of  Let Every Voice Empower LLC., the Dear Sister Women's Empowerment Movement and LEVE Book Publishing, Pastor Chenelle has received various awards for her service to the Kingdom of God and her inspiration to women across the nation.  In her 19 years in ministry, Pastor Chenelle has served in various ministry areas and was recently named the Director of Education and Outreach for the Millennial Clergy of Cincinnati. She also served in street ministry and at nursing homes.  Additionally, she has a great passion for prison ministry. Pastor Chenelle is the author of  "Wise Up Challenge: Keys to Living a Wealthy and Successful Life in Jesus Christ," a life application tool equipping believers to overcome the issues of life.

The Wise Up Challenge was created to impact people of all ages and backgrounds and serve as a devotional that motivates and inspires God’s people. Take charge of your life by taking the challenge to explore how godly wisdom gives us access to the keys of living a wealthy, successful, and fulfilling life in Jesus Christ!

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