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Come on a Magical Journey with Us

iReadify provides families with ad-free, kid-friendly, and age-appropriate content. We work closely with our publishing partners, authors, and narrators to make sure that the books' authenticity is captured in a digital environment. Subscribers will be able to listen to audiobooks, read-aloud stories, and watch videos about diverse characters and cultures. New titles will be added as our library continues to grow. THERE IS NO FEE TO SUBMIT YOUR BOOK TO iREADIFY.

Here's How to Become an iReadify Author

Our book acceptance process involves a process that ensures the content's quality, accuracy, and authenticity. Throughout this process, we maintain open and transparent communication with our authors, providing them with feedback and support. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures the success of both our authors and our platform.


Here's a detailed overview of our process:


Submission of Book for Review:

    • Authors interested in including their book in our collection submit their work in PDF format for our review. This is typically done through our online submission portal. 

Initial Review - Text Quality and Accuracy/Authenticity:

    • Our team conducts an initial assessment of the submitted book. They evaluate the text for quality, accuracy, and authenticity. This involves checking for grammatical errors, writing style, factual accuracy (if applicable), and the overall suitability of the content for our audience.

Acceptance Notification:

    • After the initial review, we make a decision on whether to accept the book. If the book is accepted, we move on to the next steps. If it is not accepted, we provide a detailed explanation to the author, including specific reasons for the rejection.

Contract Sharing:

    • If the book is accepted, we share a contract with the author. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of our agreement, including royalty rates, payment schedules, and any other relevant details.

Exclusive Promotion Opportunities:

    • Our accepted authors receive exclusive invitations to promote their books with our partners. This can include promotional events, book fairs, and marketing collaborations to help maximize the visibility of their work.

Author Support and Matching:

    • We actively identify and match our authors with suitable opportunities for school visits and community events. This involves collaborating with schools and community organizations to arrange book readings, workshops, and other promotional activities.

Royalty Payments:

    • Authors who have signed an agreement with us receive royalty payments on a quarterly basis. These payments are based on the terms outlined in our agreement. 


We're always looking for new authors and exciting books! Once you become an iReadify author, you benefit as long as your book is available! Expand your outreach with our Breaking Through Promotional Program.


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