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Would You like Libraries Across the Country
to Have Access to Your Books?

The mission of LiteracyNation is to promote justice, equity, and diversity in literacy by providing services to underserved communities of Color and supporting diverse self-published authors, hybrid published authors, and independent booksellers. Our goal is to increase awareness and distribution of books that promote inclusion and positive representation of diverse populations.

What We Offer...

In our commitment to our mission, LiteracyNation provides several benefits to its participating authors, particularly those who are self-published, independent authors. Some of the many positive rewards of membership are listed below:

       WorldCatAuthors are encouraged to submit their books for review and acceptance into the worldwide cataloging system, accessible by school, public, and private libraries across the world. Independent authors’ books are cataloged by our committee of professional IndieCat catalogers with decades of experience in the public and private sectors.

       Digital Directory – Authors are provided a profile on our expansive digital directory, a customizable platform that showcases our members and can include their bios, books, photos, and videos, in addition to live links to websites, interviews, trailers, social media, and upcoming events. In addition, direct messaging from viewers wishing to purchase their books or services is also included.

       Live Events – Members receive opportunities to attend live events, such as book fairs and conferences. These events afford our author's exposure to library professionals, educators, and industry professionals, as well as opportunities for networking, showcasing and selling their books.

       Webinars and Workshops – Members have access to several webinars, workshops, and training courses conducted by industry professionals, designed to assist in improving their craft and finding success in their careers as authors.

       Book Awards – Members are encouraged to submit their books for consideration in LiteracyNation’s literary competitions and book award programs. Book seals, plaques, and other prizes will be awarded to outstanding books in several genres and categories.

       Camaraderie and Connection – Authors are encouraged to connect with, learn from, and support each other. LiteracyNation seeks to inspire a spirit of “family” as each member pursues their purpose and promotes our organizational vision of “Literacy and Justice for All.”


We're always looking for new authors and exciting books! Once you become a LiteracyNation author, you benefit as long as your book is available! Expand your outreach with our Breaking Through Promotional Program.


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