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Nathaniel Anthony is the pastor of the Sonset Christian Fellowship Church located in Baltimore Maryland, A native of Sumter South Carolina, raised and educated in Baltimore Md. He has been preaching and teaching the gospel since 1992, Pastor Anthony's expository style of preaching and teaching has been blessing people everywhere he goes. He started his church on New years day of 2006 and has been ministering to the people of God ever since.

He is a pastoral Christian Counselor, licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association, a certified Temperament counselor, and has a doctoral degree in Ministry: He has a love for the people of God to see them grow in knowledge through the taught word of God, and loves to teach the word in a way people can understand. 

Being Human: The Human Side of Being A Christian From A Biblical Viewpoint

Being Human uses common narratives and teachings from the bible to show that the trials and relationship dynamics that biblical figures faced are the same challenges that we face emotionally and relationally today as Christians and humans.

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