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The most tumultuous times of Rodney Bennett's life occurred during his  teen years. From the age of 10 to age 19, he was entangled with some of the most deadly assassins (strongholds) in the world. At 10 years old, he experienced a child’s worse nightmare. He was molested. By age 11, he had already started smoking cigarettes.  At age 13, he began drinking alcohol. At age, he was introduced to marijuana. For his 16th birthday, he tried using cocaine.  He was already a hustler at 17.   By age 23, he was a drug addict.

      With the help of a mentor and by God’s Grace, Rev. Rodney successfully defeated these destiny killers and have forged a path for success, determination, and expertise in Overcoming Adversity and Rebuilding Hope. Over the past 25 years, he has been speaking to audiences of various cultures, age groups, and social backgrounds. He is an an exciting, effective, and personable communicator and Hope Rebuilder. 

Overcome Your Storm; Rebuild Your Hope

HOPE and ADVERSITY. Two powerful words. This book aims to enlighten readers on how they can overcome adversity and demonstrate there is something to be gained while going through HOPE. Coming from a place of authenticity, Rodney Bennett boldly and transparently discusses his trials-turned-triumph with practicality. This page-turning non-fiction novel was written by a man who faced various life challenges, including drug and alcohol addiction. He is, however, an overcomer, and with the power of his words, he instructs individuals on how to assess their lives and begin the process of rebuilding after the storm of adversity has ceased. Your hopes, dreams, goals, and visions are achievable, and Rodney tells you how to “grow your acorn” into a mighty Oak tree—when you choose to do the work.

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