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Dr. Dexter Easley is a visionary Christian leader who loves to empower those around him.  He is a renowned author, extraordinary teacher, entrepreneur, community humanitarian, and trailblazer on multiple platforms. In 1995, with only five members, Dr. Easley founded the New Life Christian Fellowship Church, which has now grown to over 2000 members and is one of the fastest-growing churches in Goose Creek, SC. Dr. Easley's practical but powerful style of teaching biblical truths combined with his compassion for people has made him a sought-after speaker and a successful leader. Dr. Easley is a celebrated author of four books: Prayer in the Midst of the Storm, Increasing In Spite of the Storm, 1000 Times Better Lifestyle, and the acclaimed new work, The Real God Man, which is taking the nation by storm. In addition, he has written a daily devotional book, Wisdom Keys.


Delisha Easley is an Amazon Best Selling author and global speaker who is leading her generation to evaluate and reset their lives in order to ful5ill their purpose. As a young woman, Delisha was endowed with a desire to serve others, and over the years, she has cultivated that benevolent passion into a successful career as an educator, speaker, and author. Delisha’s dynamic books, Not Everyone is Having Sex, and Purpose in the Process, have helped steer many young people away from self-destructive lifestyles and into productive ones. She is an ordained minister and also offers seminars and coaching programs. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, CA. 

Letters from the Heart is a daring and bold account of the relationship challenges between father and daughter, Dexter and Delisha Easley.  Both struggled for years to overcome a variety of complicated issues that damaged their relationship, utterly tearing it apart.  The book chronicles– through a series of letters between the two of them - the issues they faced and how they finally found their way to back to each other. 

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