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Dr.  Apostle Charlene Knight is the Executive Director and founder of the nonprofit, Brave Diamond Warriors.  A woman of many talents, Dr. Knight has served as an apostle, social worker, psychotherapist assistant, chaplain, pastoral counselor, playwright, and publisher. She recently authored her first book, Moral Injury: Shattered, Wounded, Broken – Bags Packed “Undeniably” Without Consent.   Dr. Knight is a USAF veteran, and her book emanated out of the atrocities that women veterans have incurred and endured, past and present, to include those that are currently serving.  Her insatiable desire is to see every woman veteran receive deep inner healing. She hopes that by introducing to some and sharing with others from a multifaceted approach regarding this new phenomenon called "Moral Injury" that more women will become enlightened, empowered, enriched and ultimately free -- delivered from guilt, shame, silent pain, mental anguish, MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Ultimately, they shall be restored, revived, redeemed, rejuvenated, and resurrected as mighty women of God!


Moral Injury: Shattered, Wounded, Broken – Bags Packed “Undeniably” Without Consent

This book brings forth the plight of women who have served in the United States Armed Forces, past, present, and current, including those who are now veterans. It chronicles a part of their story of endurance and overcoming trauma. The published author, Dr. Charlene Knight, uses writing to foster and acknowledge women as soldiers and veterans. Her purpose is to educate, encourage, enlighten, enrich, endorse, and empower these women while focusing upon the atrocities they have incurred and endured as women, as soldiers, and as veterans.

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