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Lynn Pinder is an author, educator, and entrepreneur.  Lynn wrote and published her first book, Psalms of the Daughter in 2008.  Since that time, she has published a nonprofit reference book and three anthologies – the most recent being A Heart for GED: Instructors Speak.  When Lynn isn’t teaching  ABE/GED classes at several community colleges or managing a GED program at her church, she serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) - a group of Christian authors on fire for God and committed to using writing as a tool for Christian ministry.  

Psalms of the Daughter is a collection of inspirational poems and soul-stirring short stories. The book tugs at readers' heartstrings while offering poetic insight into the difficult life struggles faced by some Christians and non-Christians, alike.  The book also includes a set of discussion questions appropriate for book clubs and/or Bible study groups. The discussion questions challenge readers to use the Bible as a compass to think critically about everyday life issues. 

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