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Gail Moss is an Author, Certified Professional Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Poet. During her teen years, while grieving her mother's passing, Gail started to write poetry as a means to express her emotions. She received inspiration and encouragement from the pages of the Holy Bible. Scripture became the foundation of her poetry, and Gail became known as The Poetic Evangelist. Her spirit and life poetry embody the essence of her faith and stir a desire for an intimate connection with God.

WOMEN OF FAITH: Resilient Through Struggles, Triumphant Over Trials is an inspirational poetry anthology with a read-by-the-author feature. Co-authored by Arlene McGuire, Maureen Morgan, and Cynthia Sherrell, the book features edifying poems of encouragement, endurance, and extrication from the struggles and trials of life.

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