Dear Authors, Panelists, and Presenters:

We are very much looking forward to the 2020 Harlem Book Fair and would like to thank you,

for participating in a lively celebration of African American and African diasporic literature.

With support from our presenting partners,  we have created a strong platform for the ongoing 

examination and CELEBRATION of African American books, readers, and writers.



Please forward a brief description of the area of interest, the genre of book, or workshop subject matter. Please include your bio, email, telephone number, photo, and book jacket. Please include the title of your book, a short synopsis, and what an audience will take away from having attended your reading, panel discussion or workshop. These are promotional opportunities. There is no compensation available, however, selected participants will receive a basic space (one table and two chairs) at no charge at the Harlem Book Fair. Presentation opportunities are limited and highly sought. Please apply as quickly as possible. You will be notified via email regarding the status of your request. Please forward all presentation requests to us via our Contact page.




Whether you are participating in a LIVE or recorded session as part of the 2020 Digital Harlem Book Fair, we want to ensure the best possible quality broadcast. So, here are some best practices in support of your best presentation!

Three (3) key elements that determine the quality of your broadcast: 
1.    your internet service provider (ISP)
2.    the device you broadcast with; and 
3.    the network that delivers your broadcast. 

For most of us, these are already set. We use a carrier. We have our devices to access the Internet,  and an ISP manages our website viewer traffic. Yet, there are ways that we can help to ensure a maximum viewer experience. Here are our recommended quality of transmission best practices: 

Each participating author should have the following:

1.    Headphone and mic headset (wired recommended). 

2.    A computer that is connected by internet cable to the modem.

3.    HD (high definition) webcam that transmits at 1080p, 1080i or higher.

4.    If you have a headset with no mic; you can get a decent headphone with a microphone from $30 to $50. Always look for sales. (Sony MDRZX110AP ZX Series Extra Bass Smartphone Headset with Mic; $28)

5.    Make sure you have downloaded and/or updated all drivers. If you have Windows or Mac, make sure you have all the updates as applicable. 

6.     If you are using your phone, make sure you are in your location that receives the strongest 


If none of the above is available to you, do the following:

a)    If your headset is wireless (Bluetooth), make sure the batteries are fresh.

b)    If you are using Wi-Fi on your computer, laptop, Notebook, or phone, make sure you are as close to the modem as possible and/or have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

c)    If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure your device(s) are fully charged or you can keep them plugged in. Doing so will keep your connections strong.

d)    If you are having trouble connecting with your network or if it is weak; please contact your network provider.


Consider contacting your network provider prior to the broadcast to get ideas from them on how you can troubleshoot connectivity issues during your LIVE or pre-recorded broadcast.

NOTE:        If you are participating in a “live” event, a segment producer will contact you to conduct a tech-check in advance of your event. Still, make sure to test your camera, mic quality, and location signal quality before the event.


We look forward to another wonderful celebration of books and community.



The Harlem Book Fair Team