Presented by QBR/The Black Book Review


Countee Cullen Library Auditorium, 104 West 136th Street

Hotter Than the 4th of July!: Authors Present Sizzling Summer Reads

11:30am – 12:45pm


Moderator: Shauntee Burns, President, New York Black Librarians' Caucus of the American Library Association

Panelists: Tonya Bolden, Searching for Sarah Rector: the Richest Black Girl in America; Tracy Brown, Flirting with Disaster;       Jerry Craft, The Offenders: Saving the World, While Serving Detention!; Chris Myers, H.O.R.S.E.: A Game of Basketball and Imagination; Jason Reynolds, When I was the Greatest.


Wondering what books to pick up this Summer? Come meet the authors who have written this Summer’s “must-reads” for young readers and adults alike! Nothing tops a great escape better than a book that you love to read…again and again!

One on One: A Conversation with Conscious - Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple

A HBF Urban Arts & Literary Festival Event

12:50pm – 1:20pm


Conscious – writer, on-air personality, artist, painter, and producer – is a quintessential multi-disciplinary creative artist.  His first published ebook, Clear, Lucid, Natural, Simple, is a glimpse into his innovative view of the world. Refusing the waste a single gift, Conscious transforms "consciousness" and still manages to look really cool while doing it.  In this chat, Thyshaa Shabazz, of Shabazz Communications and The Creative Collective, delves into the making of such a creative contributor.


Broadcast LIVE via BONDFIRE RADIO (www.bonfireradio.com)

Afro Futurism, Sci-Fi and Cultural Myths: A Dialogue Among Visionary Writers

A HBF Urban Arts & Literary Festival Event

1:25pm – 2:40pm


Authors: Dja Dja N Med-Jay, Renpet, N Eternity Reclaimed; Rasheedah Phillips, Recurrence Plot; Cerece Rennie Murphy, Order of the Seers


As famous Mythologist Joseph once mused, "what can mythology tell us about contemporary life?" In this dialogue, writers of Afro-Futurism will explore the possibilities and cultural gems within our own "afro-mythology" juxtaposed to a sci-fi landscape and its ensuing cultural implications.




One on One: A Conversation with Myra Smith-Wright, Flight of the Butterfly: THE LARVAE

A HBF Urban Arts & Literary Festival Event

2:45pm – 3:15pm


From Maryland to Milan, superstar Kennedy Shaw travels the globe singing her way into the hearts of everyone who hears her voice. Known too many as the singing “heart break kid”, Kennedy loves hard and leaves quick; but leaving men and women helplessly in love can become quite dangerous. Tormented by demons from her past, reinforcements will need to be called in to tame this star on the rise. Thyshaa Shabazz explores  her work in this conversation.



Hip Hop Culture, Social Responsibility and Literacy

A HBF Urban Arts & Literary Festival Event

3:20pm – 4:30pm


Moderator: Coole High, Producer, Musician, Entrepreneur (Bondfire Radio)

Panelists: Manny Faces, Hip Hop Journalist, DJ, Producer; Todd “Rahiem” Williams, Entertainer, Hip Hop historian and Motivational Speaker (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five); L.A. Sunshine, A True Story, The Real Accounts (The Treacherous Three), AtLas', Hip Hop Performer/Entertainer


With the latest controversy surrounding Chuck D's battle with Hot 97 FM and Manny Faces' petition to take Hot 97 off the air, it seems apropos to discuss Hip Hop culture's role in social responsibility. It is cleart that the literacy acumen of our communities, especially our youth, can be greatly impacted by various aspects of Hip Hop culture.  This enlightening discussion will shed light on how Hip Hop culture's pioneers and supporters are committed to "showing up" in our communities and beyond.


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