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dr. loretta young-wright

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Dr. Young-Wright published her first book, Morning Joy: Persevering Parents Raising Generations, in May 2020. She has numerous articles and poems written and published via magazine and community newsletters. A dedicated administrator and licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Young-Wright focused much of her professional career on helping children and families. She has garnered numerous awards and commendations for her work. She began to write as a method of healing from losses and later found she could be a beacon of light for those who had few examples and little hope. She considers her writing good and important work to help her fellow man. She believes writing is her creative offer to an extraordinary Creator!

Morning Joy: Persevering Parents Raising Generations

Morning Joy Persevering Parents Raising Generations is a collection of authentic stories, an excellent resource for managing challenging parenting experiences. It’s hopeful, insightful, and powerful, drawing from Psalm 30: 5, ‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Morning Joy will enrich, edify, empower and entertain. Yes, you will laugh, cry and learn from what other parents shared to comfort and inspire hope. The books ‘Wright Advice’ is insightful commentary, examining each story. Finally, there is an impressive reference section.

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