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Precious Gift

Fisiwe Zwana-Freeman; Iyapiphany; Tantra Zawadi

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Spoken@Nite, a new and exciting web-streamed series, is a platform for poets throughout the world. No matter the locale, together, we say #Global I AM. The world of words unites us in a vision of cultural and racial inclusion. We welcome all voices of positivity.

WHO: Max Rodriguez, Publisher of QBR The Black Book Review, Founder of the Harlem Book Fair and #Global I AM, with Program Hosts Bob McNeil and Tantra Zawadi, is calling for submissions of four-minute-long videos, composed of no more than two poems from Spoken Word artists, saved in mp4 format. 

WHAT: Please forward a short bio, the titles of your poems and book/s, your email address, and the name of your hometown.  Please submit all mp4 videos to through, a free online file transfer website. Each submission must be original. Preexisting videos on YouTube will not be accepted. Provided the sound quality is not compromised, please creatively use an outside location as your backdrop. It will help show our global flavor. Musical accompaniment is permissible if it does not overshadow performances. 

WHEN & WHERE: Spoken@Nite will continuously broadcast.  Video submissions will be accepted on an on-going basis. Spoken@Nite will be streamed to 160 million households through ROKU, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TV beginning October 15, 2020.

HOW: Hold smartphones horizontally to record videos. Please do not introduce yourself. After stating the titles, present your work as if you were on stage. Our segment hosts will introduce you through the bio you have provided.

WHY: Our request for submissions is a part of our launch of the Global International African Arts Movement, a worldwide gathering of vision and voices. We would be honored to include yours. Please contact us at with any questions you may have.

Poet Anita Powell

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