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pastor steven l. turner



Steven L. Turner is an author, musician, community activist, blog talk radio host, and pastor.  The focal point and essence of his assignments are to provide hope, encouragement, resources, spiritual solutions, and business innovations to the Earth. Supported and validated by God, Pastor Turner has served as a minister of music for 34 years; he has been playing music for 40 years encompassing the belief that gospel music should go beyond the church walls into corporate America.   He is the author of several books.

The Other Pulpit is an inspired, long overdue writing released to set free and inspire others to value the power of forgiveness.  A nation of forgotten and discarded children of illicit, church affairs and relationships, many of us were unable to be raised in the same home or even be acknowledged by society or the church at large. Left behind without the means to survive, many of us saw great cathedrals and dynasties created for the “first families” and other favored cliques. Treated as outcasts and spiritual lepers, we received only what was considered the emotional scraps off the table. Like casualties of war, we were left for dead!!!!

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