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Tracee Lydia Garner is a best-selling author of 13 books. She writes about heroes and heroines with complex backstories, and intricate emotional drama that ultimately try to hinder them from life and the love they all deserve. When Tracee is not writing, she maintains her work for an area nonprofit as a case manager, coaches other aspiring writers through finishing their book and the publishing process, and is an advocate for people with disabilities.  She loves making book trailers, speaking, shopping, and talking about writing craft at every opportunity. Tracee resides with her family just outside of the DC metropolitan area.

A Current Affair

If it hasn't worked before, why bother... Chyna Lockhart has loved Dean Jameson for a very long time, but a failed marriage has made her weary. Dean has loved Chyna for a similarly long time, but a series of bad decisions have kept them apart.  Even the most stubborn deserve a second chance at love.  When Chyna is injured and needs a safe haven in which to recover, Dean steps in and the old flame is rekindled. Dean and Chyna know they love each other, but the fact remains that a number of people - including Chyna’s vengeful ex and a woman Dean thought was a friend, are all bent on keeping them apart.

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