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Veronica E. Berry



Veronica E. Berry is a Christian writer and speaker. She lives in Florida with her husband; they have three adult children and three beautiful granddaughters, as they patiently wait for more. One of her deepest joys comes as she teaches her grands and other young people the traditions of her ancestors, such as proper manners, and other simple things like cooking dried beans or making cornbread from scratch. Veronica graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Journalism, worked as a Stay-At-Home mom for five years, then entered the field of education.  Teaching in the public school system for over 20 years provided an opportunity for her to encourage, teach, and interact with a diversity of students with unbelievable talent. She believes a label does not determine how brilliant a child truly is and a standardized test is one of the worst gauges for the brilliance that she can think of. 


Meliah Job’s Wife

What happens when a woman's perfect world is shattered? When she tumbles from the pinnacle of familial relationship, wealth, prestige, and comfort? Meliah is about to find out...Job is the envy of every man in town, from his supportive wife to his expansive livestock and servants. But more importantly-he is faithful to God - giving Him glory for every good thing in his life, and pointing others to worship Him. But sometimes bad things happen to good people - Why?  That gut-wrenching heart cry resonates - from the mouth of Job and Meliah to readers today. If God is good, why does He allow bad things to happen to His children? This novella brings catharsis to those wounds as it fleshes out God's unchanging goodness and healing in the midst of pain.



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