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Countee Cullen Library, 104 West 136th Street

Conference Rooms A & B


Location: Countee Cullen Library, Conference Room A

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Facilitator: Daseta Gray, MEd, Certified Infant/Toddler Specialist; blogger; President, Sabree Education Services
Reeshemah Brightley, parent; blogger; VP, Sabree Education Services


This class is an interactive session for you and your little one. We share with parents how to work with their infants and toddlers to develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills before they start school. We will also give tips on activities they can do at home with their baby. This will not be your ordinary parenting class we use a progressive approach. We answer the "why" these activities are being done and which component, or domain of the brain, is being developed. Bring your baby zero to age 3.



First 2000 Days Campaign: Is it an Experience Gap or Achievement Gap?

Countee Cullen Library – Conference Room A

2pm – 3:30pm


Moderator: Miguel Montes, Co-creator Education Pledge

Panelists: Dr. Liz Isakson, Co-founder Docs for Tots; Dr. Tirza Greer, Pediatrician; Ms. Daseta Gray, Certified Infant Toddler Specialist & President of Sabree Education Services; Amy Daniels, Assistant Director for Public Health Research Autism Speaks; Dr. Sayida Peprah, Clinical Psychologist


People and statistics state that Black and Latino children have an achievement gap and organizations are looking for ways to close it. We will discuss the “experience gap”. A lack of quality infant/toddler care experiences and learning produces inequality in ability. The problems that are manifested in the older children begin from birth thru five years old (the first 2000 days). When one understands how infants and toddlers develop, parents, childcare providers and healthcare practioioners can help close the gap. This session breaks down the science. The lack of these skills means that children are already behind. Information is the key to reversing the negative statistics. Even if you don’t have an infant or toddler the information is helpful.



Georgette Miller: Living Debt Free: What Credit Score, Fear Mongers and Debt Peddlers

Don’t Want You To Know.

Countee Cullen Library – Conference Room A

3:45p – 5:00p


In her seminars around the country, attorney, financial advisor and radio personality Georgette Miller uses her personal experiences to guide consumers on the road to financial security. She says, “Don’t let fear steal your dreams and, in turn, rob the world of the dreams that are in you. Run your life like a business. Use your head and try to keep your heart out of the business.” Today she has five law offices under the banner of Georgette Miller and Associates, P.C. Not one to rest on her laurel, Georgette hosts the Georgette Miller Show on Wilde Media TV Network, is a radio host on WLIB-AM (New York), and has featured segments on WHUR-FM (Washington, DC) , WPPZ-FM (Philadelphia), and WFAI-AM (Delaware).



Workshops @ Countee Cullen Library

Countee Cullen Library – 3rd Floor Conference

104 West 136th Street


Eden in Sumer on the Niger: Evidence of the West African Origin Of Mankind

Countee Cullen Library – Conference Room B

11:00p – 12:30p

Presenter: Dr. Sidney Davis, Eden in Sumer on The Niger


This presentation provides evidence of the actual geographical location in West Africa of the Garden of Eden, Atlantis and the original homeland of the Sumerian people before their migration to the "Middle East". By translating hitherto unknown pre-cuneiform inscriptions of the Sumerians, Catherine Acholonu and Sidney Davis have uncovered thousands of years of Africa's lost pre-history and evidences of the West African origins of the earliest Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt and Sumer. This book provides answers to all lingering questions about the African Cavemen (Igbos, Esh, Adamas, Adites) original guardians of the human races, who gave their genes for the creation of Homo Sapiens (Adam) and were the teachers in the First Age of the world.



Christian Influences on the Health and Wellness of America

Presented by Christian Authors On Tour

Countee Cullen Library – 3rd Floor Conference Room

12:40p – 2:00p


Moderator: Jeneanne Collins, Words that Heal

Panelists: Dr. Steven Haymon, The War Within: Combating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With the Help of God; Lynn Pinder, Psalms of the Daughter; Myrlande E. Sauveur, Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul;  Mitzi Lanee, In Jesus Name, Please Don’t Touch Me There; Vincent Adams, Imitating The Fatherhood of God:  A Single Dad’s Guide To Spiritual Parenting


The United States has a rich history of Christian influences that have helped to shape this country at its core. This panel discussion offers a historical overview (good and bad) of the Christian influences on the health and wellness of urban communities.  The panel includes a five-part focus:  (1) spirit; (2) mind; (3) emotions; (4) body; and (5) soul.  Five authors will address these areas while sharing practical ways of applying biblical insight to maintain/sustain good spiritual health in the midst of our very busy and sometimes dysfunctional American lives.



The Next Chapter: Black Geeks, Heroes, Heroines & Bullies in Middle Grade & Young Adult Books

Countee Cullen Library – 3rd Floor Conference Room

2:10p – 3:15p


Moderator: Nina Angela Mercer, Gutta Beautiful, Gypsy & The Bully Door

Panelists: Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, 8th Grade Superzero, Zetta Elliot, The Deep, Bird; Jerry Craft, The Offenders,

Mama’s Boyz; DuEwa Frazier, Deanne in the Middle, Ten Marbles 


Today's young adult and middle grade market is saturated with stories of vampires, girl cliques, coming of age stories, and teenage redemption.  But how do these stories include diverse characters written by authors of color who present themes for "alternate" groups of young readers, ie. Geeks,punks, nerds, sci-fi fans and the like?  These diverse, award-winning authors write on a variety of themes which speak to the interests and backgrounds of today's young readers.  The authors will discuss issues in diversity within the children's book market, how to reach struggling readers, including boy readers, and ways in which librarians and educators can develop programs of high interests for teen readers. 











K'wan is a multiple literary award winner and bestselling author of over a dozen titles which include Gangsta, Road Dawgz, Street Dreams, Hoodlum, Eve, Hood Rat, Blow, Still Hood, Gutter, Section 8, From Harlem with Love, The Leak, Welfare Wifeys, Eviction Notice, Love & Gunplay, Animal, Purple Reign, The 1st & 15th, Ghetto Bastard, Animal II and Animal III. K'wan has been featured in: Vibe, Pages, King, The Library Journal, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, and Time Magazine. K'wan was also the recipient of the 2012 and 13 Street Lit Book Award Medals (SLBAM) in adult fiction for Eviction Notice and Animal. His credits also include featured commentary in the award winning documentary Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp (produced by Ice-T) as well as a reoccurring role as an analyst on TV-One's Celebrity Crime Files.

One on One: A Conversation with Author Kwan Foye, Animal III

Countee Cullen Library – 3rd Floor Conference Room

3:30p – 4:45p

Moderator: Max Rodriguez, Founder, Harlem Book Fair

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