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11:00                                  Opening & Welcome

11:15                                   Ama Yawson, Milestales

11:30                                   Kelie Charles, Double Dutch Dolls

11:45                                   Keilin Huang, Lee & Low Books

12:00                                  Roxanne Lord, Zen Media             

12:15                                   Valerie Grant

12:30                                  Marcus Page

12:45                                   Alana Seal, The Princess Fables

1:00                                    Duewa Frazier, Deanne In The Middle

1:15                                     Reeshemah Brightly

1:30                                    George Ford, Bright Eyes, Brown

1:45                                    Cheryl Willis Hudson, My Friend Maya Loves To Dance

2:00                                   Ama Karikari-Yawson, Sunni’s Gifts

2:15                                    Shirley Johnson, Storyteller

2:30                                    Tamara Pizzoli, The English Schoolhouse

2:45                                    Eric Velazquez, Grandma’s Records

3:00                                   Cool Boys Read

3:15                                    Jerry Craft, Mama’s Boyz

3:30                                    Marc Clark

3:45                                    Mutiya Vision

4:00                                    Guy Sims, Big City Entertainment

4:15                                     Shanequa Davis

4:30                                    Rob Burks, Munchkin Power LLC

4:45                                    Letroy Monroe, Bazba Theatrical Players Ltd

5:00                                   Tiah Short, DC Book Diva Publications

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